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Gaff-rigged mainsails, Marconi mainsails, Club-footed jibs, Spinnakers



Though some H12s are kept simply for harbor sailing, many more are raced in regular regattas from New York to Maine. We have developed a tri-radial main, jib, and spinnaker construction that consistently beats out any other H12 sails. We also offer conventional cross-cut sails which can be customized to include hand-sewn grommets, narrow panels, and a variety of traditional sail cloth options. We make these products for any of the variations of the H12 design such as Haven, Doughdish, Cape Cod, and Somes Sound.


Mainsail: Warp-oriented premium Dacron, tri-radial panel layout, leech line, sail number & H-class insignia, draft stripe, telltales, tubular sail bag for storage.
Optional: track slides for head and/or foot, bronze mast hoop fasteners, conventional storage bags.
Jib: Warp-oriented premium Dacron, tri-radial panels, brass piston hanks, lace lines, telltales, tubular sail bag.
Optional: track slides on foot, webbing snaps instead of brass piston hanks, standard sail bag.
Halyards: We recommend and provide Spectra 1/4" stretch-resistant halyards for our racing sails.
Oar lock spinnaker blocks: Designed to fit into existing oar locks, these blocks offer a swiveling fairlead and cam cleat for easy spinnaker sheeting, as well as an alternative jib sheet location for short-handed sailing.



Sail covers, Cockpit cushions, Cockpit covers, Winter Covers



Most H12 owners are interested in keeping their fine little boats and rigs in top condition. For this, top-rate canvas work is essential. We make sail covers, cockpit covers, winter covers, and even cockpit cushions for H12s that will make your maintenance minimal and your appearance perfect.


Sail cover: Marine-grade Sunbrella fabric, Velcro collar, fasteners at forward end for easy removal, reinforced slits for lazy jacks and peak halyard spanner, brass twist fasteners for securing along boom. Both main and jib covers can be ordered in either traditional fit or a looser fit for crisp racing sails.
Cushions: Marine-grade Sunbrella fabric or Naugahyde over 1'' closed-cell foam. Features hidden zippers and adjustable straps with plastic buckles that wrap under the bench for a secure fit.
Optional: Want a thicker cushion? Add piping detail? Just let us know and we are happy to accommodate your vision. 
Cockpit cover: Marine-grade Sunbrella, punched grommets and boat snaps for securing down.
Optional: lead shot weighted bags instead of boat snaps for securing.