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Marconi mainsail, Gaff-rigged foresail, Club-footed staysail, Yankee jib, Blade jib, Light genoa, Fisherman staysail, and "Super fish" downwind fisherman staysail.



"Juno" is a plank-on-frame classic wooden schooner. She races regularly in the international classic yacht circuit. Her sails are built for maximum speed and performance while complimenting her classic and timeless beauty. Her fisherman staysail is key to her speed in a number of conditions and points of sail. For this reason, we developed a flat-cut upwind staysail and a reaching/downwind "super fish" staysail which gives Juno the ability to shift gears by changing her fisherman staysail.


Mainsail: Premium creme-colored Dacron, narrow-width cross-cut panels, brass punched grommets for luff attachment & reef points, stainless steel pressed grommets for head, hand-sewn grommets where needed for strength & aesthetic, five partial battens & one full-length compression batten on top.
Foresail: Premium creme-colored Dacron; narrow cross-cut panels; brass pressed grommets for peak, throat, tack, & clew attachment; brass punched grommets for head, jackline, foot, & luff attachment; 4 partial-length battens.
Fisherman staysail: Premium creme-colored Dacron.
Super fish: 4oz polyester spinnaker cloth.
Staysail: Premium creme-colored Dacron cross-cut panels, 3 partial length battens, hand-sewn hanks, and many hand-finished details.
Jibs: Premium creme-colored Dacron, mitered-cut panels, webbed tack and head attachment, stainless steel pressed grommet for clew, hand-sewn brass piston hanks for luff, adjustable leech line & footline, labeled sail bags, leather trim as needed, telltales, and sail ties.