“We make every effort to support our local businesses as much as possible and we strive to be worthy of reciprocation.”
— Ben Sperry, president



Our mission is to create high quality, handcrafted products that exceed our customers expectations. We cultivate a welcoming workspace where people can bring their sailing and boating concerns. We want to earn your confidence through our knowledge and understanding, and we want to learn from your experiences, as well.

We aim to represent the positive aspects of sailing and be inclusive of all those who share our passion. We encourage customers who come to our lofts to feel the materials, hear the machines, meet the staff, and get excited!

The Lofts



The Sperry Sails loft on Marconi Lane is a post & beam barn with an open floor plan. The loft is made of wood locally salvaged after Hurricane Bob and is a standing example of Steve Sperry's design and construction.

We use an Autometrix cutting table with PatternSmith software for designing and building flawlessly precise products. We have a range of marine-grade fabric and a full complement of sewing machines for the construction of each product. 


11 Marconi Lane - Marion, MA 02738
(508) 748-2581

Martha's Vineyard

g and b.jpg

Our "MV Loft" is conveniently located at the head of Vineyard Haven Harbor on Martha's Vineyard. We are situated in the second story of Gannon & Benjamin Marine Railway a few hundred feet down the beach from the ferry dock.

With several sewing machines, a thorough stock of marine-grade fabric, and an impressive collection of sail hardware, we can build sails for smaller boats, canvas for any boat, and repair almost anything.


30a Beach Road - Vineyard Haven, MA 02568
(508) 693-3312


Steve Sperry started Sperry Sails nearly 40 years ago in a traditional loft space overlooking Sippican Harbor in Marion, MA. He soon outgrew that space and built a barn on Marconi Lane to house a bigger loft. With help from his sons, Tim and Matt, his business grew into three separate entities: Sperry Sails, Sperry Fabric Architecture, and Sperry Tents. Sperry Sails is focused on handcrafted sails and custom canvas for boaters. Sperry Fabric Architecture builds beautiful and iconic tents for special events, and Sperry Tents manages the rental and upkeep of these tents.

Tim and Matt own Sperry Tents and Sperry Fabric Architecture, respectively, and Steve’s nephew Ben runs Sperry Sails. There is a strong cooperative culture in the family business, and we are excited to welcome new people into our family at every opportunity.