Performance, Offshore, Racing sails



#1 carbon fiber, tri-radial mainsail; #2 carbon fiber, tri-radial mainsail; A2 asymmetric masthead runner; A4 reacher; S2 runner



"Affinity" is one of the best examples of a Swan 48' found anywhere. She is constantly upgraded and fine-tuned for racing performance and cruising comfort. We work with her owners at ongoing innovation that includes the newest materials as they reach the market and the most efficient handling of her gear.


Mainsail: GPL carbon mainsails for both cruising and racing, 5 battens (top is full-length), over-the-head leechline handled from tack, loose foot, metal-free construction with liberal use of Spectra webbing and patching. Affinity's cruising mainsail is her retired racing mainsail, which we believe says a lot about the quality of our racing sails.
Headsails: Racing headsails #1 and #2 are GPL carbon full-hoist, roller-furling headsail #2 is also GPL. Aramid cruising laminate staysail for use as heavy-weather jib and also in concert with headsails while reaching.